Steel efficiency review

The Steel Efficiency Review™ involves a study of our customers’ businesses and steel processing flow. It allows us to get closer to our customers, understand what they are doing, how they use steel and where the areas of waste and efficiency improvements are.

We are now adding to the supply chain by being more valuable to our customers. This may, for example, be a change in the way our customers order their steel so that they have more regular deliveries more often and so reduce their inventory and cash costs.

Many of our customers are privately owned businesses and they often don’t have the time to take a step back and critically review their business for improvement ideas.  This is where BlueScope’s knowledge and process can really help.  It also provides us with the opportunity to learn much more about our customers’ real needs and issues.

Using a methodology based on the seven areas of waste – traditionally a Toyota methodology called “MUDA”, meaning waste – we have designed a steel industry first core capability and unique service offering called involving three stages:

  1. Business Understanding
  2. Steel Efficiency Review Walkthrough
  3. Key Findings


We aim to work with our customers to better understand how to eradicate waste in both our businesses in order to capture real value. Together we examine the following:

  1. Over production: How you undertake production scheduling considering inventory on floor, handling, storage, staff and machinery breakdowns?
  2. Time in waiting: What is the cost of time in waiting considering the impact of the scheduling process, operational layouts, and reliance on 3rd parties?
  3. Transportation: How important is transport within your business and how it is affected by the layout – the feed in vs feed off; method and type of transport, and reliance on 3rd parties?
  4. Processing: What opportunities are there for machinery reconfiguration? What are your processing machine setups, product and machine fit, and your customer end product requirements?
  5. Inventory: What is the optimum level of stock to carry in your business?. What are your ordering cycle processes, materials receipting and stock management processes?
  6. Motion: What is the cost of stock movement in your business? What is the movement of product around your business based on machinery, warehouse layout and safety impact?
  7. Rework: What are the possible causes of rework? What does it cost your business?

By looking closely at our businesses, we aim to identify cost and time savings, remove bottlenecks, and make incremental changes which can translate into profit improvements.


There is no cost and no risk in undertaking a Steel Efficiency Review™. Our SER® Consultants, all of whom have an average of over nine years in the industry, simply offer you recommendations on how to improve your operation’s efficiency and productivity. We’ve saved steel companies millions of dollars over the last 3 years!

We come back to you within two weeks with a short report, detailing our findings, recommendations and cost-saving solutions.


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